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GoECO FIR Eco-Saving Oven

obtained several multinational patent certificates

The product is based on the technology transfer of the research team from the National “Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology” of Taiwan. Moreover, the interdisciplinary professionals were also engaged to carry out the design, research & development, as well the data analysis. They obtained several patent certificates from major countries and successfully authorized our company for further research & development and manufacturing.
Based on the quantum technology after six years of research and continuous improvement, aiming at the structure and the thermodynamics as well as energy efficiency, we have successfully created an oven that is not only practical but also simultaneously a health promoting product.

Abstract Lines

The following measurement and data offer the scientific basis for our product “GoECO” for them

Superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurement

Far-infrared detection data report by third-party

Research from the United States “NASA” points out that far-infrared rays have "radiation, penetration, and resonance" effects, which belong to [non-invasive] light waves.The far-infrared radiation waves are between 4-14µm. The wavelength between 8-14µm interval generate common frequency and resonant absorption with the life pulse of the human body which has been also called "light of fertility",and is divided into two biological reactions:"Thermal Effect" and "non-Thermal Effect".

The energy of the Thermal Effect can be absorbed by living organisms and spread from the inside to the outside through thermal penetration.Such like-a-sun warm feeling is not an unbearable burning sensation from traditional oven but a comfortable warming sensation instead;however, the non-Thermal Effect is the thermal energy generated by the vibration of cell tissues and water molecules in the biological cell membrane, to refine the water molecules in the human body.

With the current international scientific verification, the detection method of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) can be used to analyze the molecular mass and compare the size of water molecular clusters with the principle of quantum mechanics and the frequency of the magnetic field.The detection results are measured in Hertz (Hz) as the unit. Generally, the detection value needs to be less than 90Hz-100Hz to be called a small molecular cluster.

Our company uses them to prove the effects of the “GoECO” oven, with a patented burner which releases the effect out of far-infrared radiation, by using filtered water as a sample and divided it into three comparison items:

  •  no oven irradiation

  • 10 minutes of irradiation

  • 30 minutes of irradiation

​According to the NMR test the value:

  • without irradiation is126.42Hz

  • after 10 minutes of irradiation, the value is reduced to59.99Hz

  • after 30 minutes of irradiation, the value is56.76Hz

which is an astonishing data with reduction of more than 50%!


Furnace with double guided plate design

When the heat stream of the oven is in contact with the air and the water vapor from humidity, the radiant heat released by the burner is pressed inside through the second inclined guiding plate.By physical principles, the oxygen in the air is supplied to the burner as the supporting element for further combustion; and a part of the heat is then exported to the upper heat exhaust hole through the first guiding plate. Overall, it achieves high-efficient heat energy, energy consumption saving, reduces carbon deposits and emission. At the same time, it also prevents the operator from feeling unbearably high temperature while using it.

Pyramid shape of inner structure

The Heat of the fireball from the burner reaches its stabilization at 500°C to 600°C.The Baseplate temperature could reach up to 400°C to 430°C.Patented heat insulation/ thermal insulation technology is safer to use.Besides, the interior and the back of the oven door are made of mirror-finished stainless steel, which reflects the far-infrared light through the pyramid shape at an angle of nearly 53 degrees.Such a design achieves efficient and comprehensive heat accumulation with constant heat, and it removes food odors and retains original flavors and moisture of the food.

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